Ember’s Journey: What is it?

I happen to be one of those people that had a story but never had it all put together for a long time. For me, it’s been brewing ever since 2013. I’ve left it to brew passively and has been through so many changes. I thought it was about time I started working on it.
The basic synopsis is this:

In a world where past and present are in constant war, a place of liminal spaces where stuff of make believe linger, existing, and not, at the same time. Ember woke up without any recollection of her memories and proceeds aimlessly through new and yet familiar frontiers, trying to find her story. Aided in her journey are two strangers, who have their own reasons to travel head first into unknown spaces. One in search for truth, the other, for revenge. In fellowship they overcome the unnatural elements of this world as well as overcome conflicts of their own.

That’s the vague description of the story but all will come into detail in time.

It was a story that came out of music I listened to combined with experiences I had over the years struggling in middle school and high school as well as my coming-of-age experience. I like to think this story captures the feeling of being lost when discovering ones self.

I have the basic outline of the story down to a trilogy and I’ve officially made the choice to make it into a graphic novel rather than write it. As far as this project goes it’ll detailing the outline, fleshing out setting, and get some manuscripts to work with so I can get to drawing. It’ll be my first time trying it out but I’ll keep you guys posted for you to see how progress goes.

For the time being, least I can do is introduce the main characters to you:


Rough character concept of Ember. She’s got double shields and uses strategic defenses in combat, she’s a strategist with a down-to-earth personality which was how she gained friends instantly in her journey, and managed to keep them through thick and thin. More details about her character will come in due time 😉

Til next time my friends.

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