My sketchbooks: What I’ve been doing for the past couple months

Lately with school It’s been pretty busy that I haven’t made anything polished but that’s never stopped me from practicing!


Thumbnail sketches of poses and expressions is something I love diving into! Most of these characters I’ve made up from scratch, as of what they are from and what story I’ve decided to throw them in will be discussed in another post.

Sometimes I would draw full character designs for tabletop rpg games my friends and I play. This one below is of a light mage a friend of mine played who had a physical beauty of 23 and would scream “Pineapple!!” before he would cast a light spell so everyone in the group would shut their eyes before being blinded.


(I struggle to death drawing hands!!)

Then with some stroke of luck I actually get a good expression down for a characters face that I’m scared to complete the rest of the drawing!


This hardly covers all the drawings I made in the past couple months, a lot of them are rough sketches but most of them are building up twoards comics I’ve wanted to make so stay tuned as my next post will be discussion about them!

til next time my lovely friends!

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