A Proper Introduction…

Collected in my closet sit over 12 journals that date back as far as elementary school. They started as small pink flowery booklets that can fit into my sister’s purse whenever we go to church so I could doodle in it to pass the time. Then it grew into spotted patterned composition notebooks that fueled cringy poetry of raw emotion in middle school. And then it finally evolved into college ruled spiral notebooks for maximum writing space, and for the complete stealth it provides as it could easily be mistaken as a notebook for school. At this point, I’m never afraid to start and finish a notebook, and although this may be a new medium of writing about my thoughts I will start this blog just like my journals:

Hello! So you’ve discovered my creative arts journal, congratulations!

Feel free to explore about my journal as it will contain drawings, lots of drawings. Character design is my specialty as well as fan-art. Stories, usually fictional works that involve adventure. I am a huge nerd for cartoons so don’t be surprised if I have entire posts dedicated to my analysis  of a single episode of a random show. I will most likely be writing about my perspective about music, video games, shows, and even philosophical concepts. Oh, and I also 3Dprint stuff and I sing as well. I’m kind of a jack of all trades in the arts. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya 😉

I’m excited to share with you the creative works I make in my spare time! Too many times I’ve been encouraged to post my art and it is about time I finally do it.

Cheers to new beginnings!


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